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The Therapist

Krista Call L.M.T

Hello, my name is Krista Call. Massage therapy has always been an interest of mine, and now is a fulfilling career. I first was interested in Aromatherapy. This has been a hobby of mine for a long time. I have been using Essential oils for the past 24 years and love them. About 18 years ago I would get reflexology treatments at the place I bought my oils. At this time I realized how the mind body connection is so important to daily life. Our bodies are fighting everyday for homeostasis. That is why it is important to live a healthy lifestyle. Much easier said than done! Nevertheless a healthy balanced body equals a positive emotional and mental state of being. I then gravitated to massage therapy because it promotes these positive physical and emotional benefits. Finally I had the opportunity to enroll at the OIMT. I then graduated, and got my licensing. I am very happy now that I can share, and benefit others with this therapy! Massage Therapy has benefited my life immensely. I hope it will do the same for you!

For details of how Massage Therapy will benefit you, look under ....benefits button on website.
Hope to see you soon.